On May 7, 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued an Executive Order extending protections from certain foreclosures and evictions through July 10, 2020. This new Executive Order extends the existing moratorium, which was put in place by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, for an additional 60 days. A full copy of the Executive Order can be found here.

The effective date of the Executive Order is May 11, 2020, and imposes limitations on the ability to commence evictions or foreclosures in Pennsylvania. For landlords, the notice requirements mandated by the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951 and the Manufactured Home Community Rights Act are stayed for 60 days, effectively suspending the ability to commence the prerequisite process for the initiation of eviction proceedings. Going forward, all eviction timelines must be computed with a start date of July 10, 2020, at which point any previously delivered notices will be deemed delivered and evictions may proceed.

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