On April 22, Governor Wolf unveiled a plan to gradually reopen Pennsylvania’s economy after almost a month of shuttering all businesses that were not deemed “life-sustaining” to mitigate COVID-19’s spread. Though most of the economy will be reopened in three phases, as certain benchmarks are satisfied, the construction industry is set to reopen on May 1. This extends to all construction industry businesses in Pennsylvania such as “new construction, renovation, and repair, as well as land subdivision and design-related field activities.”

The reopening of the construction industry is subject to specific guidance, based on guidance produced by the General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania, that is detailed below. The commonwealth issued guidance for all construction activities and additional guidance for residential, commercial, and public construction jobs. However, local political subdivisions are authorized to impose more stringent guidance, so it is best to also check local guidance prior to resuming work.

Though construction is allowed to resume, it must meet additional requirements to ensure safety of the workers and the public. These new requirements for all construction include …

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