Relocating to the Philadelphia area office space is an adventurous time for any business. Planning an office move can be stressful, and relocating your IT may seem like a tough task. Below are some tips to help you plan an efficient move of the technology in your office.

Your computers, servers and business phones are likely a critical part of your business and you need to plan ahead to make sure there is a seamless transition during a move or refurbishment. Take some time to review the IT capabilities of your new office space. Look at the available space, and take note of your current equipment. Will you need to downsize or upgrade any equipment? Make note of this and plan for it before you move, not after.

To make sure that you don’t lose any valuable information during the move, back up your records before dismantling the technology at your current office. Be sure to save user preferences and create backup copies of customer information, orders, and other important information. It’s also a good idea to keep a printed copy of service provider information that you may need during the move. You can also store this data on a table to have handy during a move.

It is always good to plan a move on a weekend as well so that you have a smooth transaction when it comes to keeping in contact with customers. A mid-week move may prove distracting. Also, moving the equipment on the weekend will give your IT department a few days to work out any glitches, so that your office will be up and running on your first day at the new office. Your employees will be able to get right to work, and customers will be able to reach you right away.

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