Tenant Representation

I was very nervous about purchasing my own space as this was my first time trying to find my own space. Tom dramatically eased my anxiety and explained the entire process to my satisfaction in words that I could comprehend. He found a wonderful space and was instrumental in negotiating terms consistent with my budgetary constraints I would highly recommend Tom. He is a great asset.
– Donald Feinberg, The Feinberg Firm

TDK Commercial Advisors-tenant representation

Whether you like your current space or want to relocate, the team at TDK Commercial Advisors can provide you with the scope of services you require. We create each project team (attorneys, contractors, designers) who are best suited for the client’s needs. In order to complete an effective transaction we first learn about:

  • What is driving the decision and why?
  • What do you know about the process?
  • What are your goals, needs, objectives and expectations?

Once we gain insight TDKCA will:

  • Collaboratively establish a strategic, project timeline
  • Develop a transaction structure that meets the client’s needs not only now but in the future
  • Negotiated growth options, contraction options, and refurbishment allowances mid-term and lease audit rights
  • Complete detailed financial analysis, including average rent per year, average rent per SF, average cost per person. Also include NPV calculations and matrix financial comparison

Having completed over 500 transactions throughout the nation, we understand how commercial landlords think, negotiate and how they achieve their financial returns. Understanding how landlords value real estate provides key market intelligence that in turn allows us to structure a transaction that meets your long term financial and operational goals.