Lease Restructure

Re-Engineering Your Lease

TDK Commercial Advisors provides assistance to both new and current clients by restructuring existing leases in order to achieve savings. New clients contact us or are referred to TDKCA when their lease term previously negotiated by another broker does not match the market. For existing clients, we monitor their terms to make sure they are always along market conditions.

As a part of lease restructure services, TDKCA provides the following:

  • Meet with clients to determine current and future needs, objectives, and goals
  • Complete analysis comparing current lease terms to market conditions
  • Abstract current lease and any amendments
  • Analyze current tenant rent in property occupied ( if multi-tenanted)
  • Develop financial analysis of remaining liability, compared to possible restructure or relocation, on NPV basis.
  • Outline strategy to move forward, and secure tenant goals.

Having represented over 20,000,000 sf of commercial landlords, we understand how landlords think and address restructures.

As such, TDKCA is well versed to create a solution through creative restructuring of current lease terms ensuring the new or existing client retains long term added protection.

Our Testimonial

—Tim T, Air Wisconsin

“Air Wisconsin has utilized Tom on several occasions. Most recently we needed to relocate one of our teams, but keep them within 2 miles of the current address. Tom listened to our needs, understood our objective, and delivered results that made a difference. We drilled down on a few sites that worked, and Tom negotiated a tremendous business deal for us, saving the airline considerable money over the previous location. We continue to work with Tom, and look forward to more success.“