The design of your boardroom should accurately reflect the values and working philosophies of your company and be a seamless extension of your brand. In conference room design terms, all boardroom and conference room ideas that are put into practice should instill confidence in not just the board members but also any outside parties that may visit.

Aesthetically Pleasing
First impressions are indeed lasting, and the aesthetic quality of a room can have an impact on both the productivity of boardroom meetings and how your company is perceived by others.

The provision of light is a vital element to get right, as light is said to increase both productivity and creativity in addition to boosting mood overall. However, you need to be careful as to what kind of lighting you choose for your boardroom or conference room design. Fluorescent lighting is not generally a good idea, as it can often induce headaches. If it is possible, the presence of natural light through the addition of windows can work wonders, but this is all dependent on the positioning of your boardroom within the building.

The walls of your boardroom should be painted in plain colors which promote calm. They should not be so bright as to provide a distraction but, at the same time, not so dark that they are depressing. The days of dark and heavy wood-paneled boardrooms are in the past.

Enough Space to Be Creative
Ample space promotes a feeling of freedom and allows people to think clearly. An effective design should not only leave plenty of room for boardroom furniture, but also allow space for occupants to stand up and move around if necessary. Occasionally, meetings may become a little less formal, with people breaking off into smaller groups. Ideally there will also be a separate area for serving food and beverages.

In addition to being comfortable, the chairs within a boardroom should all be on one level. Not only does this ensure equal viewing for everyone, but it promotes a feeling of equality and teamwork within the boardroom, as everyone is seated at the same height. Round boardroom tables are the best option for making everyone feel as if they are involved in proceedings, but they are not suited to every room.

Conference Room Ideas for the Best Technology
Boardrooms are more than simply a meeting place. They are working environments where strategies are created and ideas are born. In order to facilitate the best working practices, all of the necessary technological tools need to be in place. Better communication is aided by the presence of video and phone conference facilities, acoustic optimization and multi-media presentation systems. A professionally installed audio system will also make a huge difference to how presentations are received by your clients or potential business associates.

One of the key factors in running a successful business is presenting the right image, and this is why good conference room ideas are so vital. If your meeting place is looking tired, with boardroom furniture in need of an update, this is how your business will look to outside parties. A fresh, modern boardroom design or conference room design that is aesthetically pleasing and features the latest workplace technology can work wonders for your brand and see your business step forward with confidence into the future

    (Originally published by Martyn Richards, Rische Group on Fri, Oct 24, 2014)