How Workspaces Will Change After Coronavirus. The new office building has every convenience.

Offices will soon feature additional safety measures to protect workers in the aftermath of the pandemic.

No matter how long it takes to rid society of the coronavirus, the efforts are going to leave a permanent scar on offices.

Expect fewer desks, with empty space between them, perforated by high plexiglass walls. Hand sanitizer will always be in sight. Some offices will have sinks on wheels, ready to dispense soap and hot water where there is no plumbing to tap into.

Door handles will be obsolete. The building will know where you are and open doors and call elevators as you approach. To stop the spread of germs, security stations will monitor your temperature. You may have to wait in line to get inside.

Your colleagues might start working 20 minutes before or after you. And you may get an occasional alert if a colleague who crossed your path calls in sick.

Many of these changes will take time, except in the most lucrative industries.

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